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40 Under 40

I've always wanted to be featured in one of those articles that feature people in a list of 30 under 30 or 40 under 40. Since it hasn't happened yet, I figured I'd write my own :)

In a few days I'll be turning the big 4-0 (woot woot!). And as I'm rounding the corner of 40-ville, I've been reflecting on what it means for me to enter a new decade. Overall, I feel great—better than I did when I turned 30 actually. More sure of myself, more at peace. I've had some incredible moments thus far; and while I've gone through many highs and lows in life, I always seem to bounce back stronger (dare I say wiser?) than ever. For which, I'm proud of.

All in all, I'm feeling the grateful and empowered vibes. So, to kick off this new chapter, I've created a list of 40 of my life experiences that I've had under the age of 40. And seeing how I only have a few more days of being under 40, now's the time to write out it out :)

My 40 under 40:

(In no particular order)

  1. Danced tango in Argentina

  2. Swam with sea lions in Baja California

  3. Hiked Machu Picchu

  4. Got my purse stolen at a dance hall

  5. Ran a few half marathons

  6. Hitchhiked (and lived to tell the story!)

  7. Wine tasted in Chile

  8. Became a dog mom

  9. Wine tasted at a chateau in France

  10. Wine tasted in California

  11. Took a Brazilian dance class in Brazil

  12. Got COVID

  13. Visited Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum in Japan

  14. Danced 'til the sun came up

  15. Drove through the rolling lavender fields in southern Portugal

  16. Took a hip hop class

  17. Swam in the Indian ocean off the coast of Bali

  18. Studied abroad in Chile

  19. Left a toxic job

  20. Saw the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree in NYC in the winter

  21. Watched a live soccer game in Portugal

  22. Watched a live soccer game at Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro

  23. Watched a live soccer game in Chile

  24. Started a freelance editing business

  25. Went to an electronic music festival in the rain

  26. Gotten in and out of shape (several times)

  27. Camped in the backcountry by the Colorado River

  28. Been heartbroken (several times)

  29. Saw Shohei Otani play baseball in Tokyo before he came to the MLB

  30. Bought a condo

  31. Moved to a new city (multiple times)

  32. Made stained glass

  33. Broke my foot and wrist playing soccer (at different times)

  34. Dabbled in painting (acrylic and most recently oil)

  35. Wine tasted in Mexico

  36. Rode ATVs in Mykonos, Greece on my 33rd bday (and almost crashed and died—but lived!)

  37. Tried reiki

  38. Spoke at a couple conferences

  39. Snorkeled through coral reefs of the coast of Key West (apparently the only living coral reefs in the continental United States)

  40. Ate at a Michelin star restaurant in Paris

Some footage of my adventures:

As I wrote this, I realized I've had a pretty good life so far. I feel grateful and privileged and am happy to take a moment to celebrate all that I've experienced. I hope you all take a moment to celebrate you as well!

Cheers to my next 40 (cue party music)!


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