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Welcome to Marcella's Blog!

Hi there, I'm Marcella, a writer and nonfiction editor based in San Diego, CA. I'm a third-generation Mexican American woman, born and raised in Southern California. I'm starting a new blog that discusses editorial topics and some of my personal journey with career pivots and creative endeavors. Welcome!

Marcella, a Mexican American female, is smiling with sunglasses and a hat on in sunny Southern California, at a book festival.

A Little About Me

After years of grinding away on the education and career ladder, I took a career pivot toward freelance editing in 2020. This was after some inner work (and a pandemic) that helped me get back to my love of reading and polishing words (my happy place).

Over the years, I've earned some higher education degrees (BA, MPH, MBA), which I am proud of, as they helped me explore my interests and open doors that may not have otherwise been available to me. But ultimately I realized that the best education you can have is with yourself—knowing what you want, what you value, and what is innately "you."

The Road to Editing and Writing

I began my freelancing career with a focus on healthcare and business topics as my editing niche, since that had been my career wheelhouse. I did that for three years and worked on some really cool projects. And along the way, I added authenticity reading to the editorial services that I offer. Recently, though, I started feeling compelled to write. I can't explain it—there was essentially an intuitive voice that dropped an idea for a children's book in my head late last year and made me feel like I needed to start writing. Other ideas have also come up, like wanting to edit other nonfiction topics, such as memoir, and starting a blog. So, I guess you can say I entered a creative zone and intuitively felt I was ready to take my next step. These creative and energetic shifts helped align my mission and purpose—to cultivate authentic expression in the world.

What to Expect When Expecting My Blog

Thus, here we are. In this new blog, I will write about editing topics, such as copyediting, proofreading, and authenticity (a.k.a. sensitivity) reading. I will also blog about my personal journey as a woman and person of color navigating career pivots. I think it's important for there to be representation out there, and if my experience can help others, then I see it as worthwhile to share.

Yes, I'm cheering myself on :) And yes I'm excited to blog about these topics. Let's keep this energy going. I invite you to subscribe to this blog so you can get notified of the next one that comes along.

Thanks for reading, I hope this is helpful. Cheers!


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